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First time making enchiladas today…. And my last I think. I tried to play down the heat cause I am a pathetic excuse of a latino by putting in just one chipotle pepper… And regrets. My tummy is in pain OTL

Multiple nightmares tonight. 


yoo I doodled a stickerimage

you can get it here


There’s no such thing as something eternal.


There’s no such thing as something eternal.



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have you ever heard of the aoba cake tag ?


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Lynyrd Skynyrd - That Smell
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This semester I went to the White Privilege Conference in Madison, WI for my honors seminar about examining privilege. I made a poster about the behaviors of particular white female musicians who appropriate other cultures as a means of identity and sexualize/objectify WOC as a means of displaying sexual agency and social power. All under the guise of “empowerment”.

This is my take on the knowledge I found through seminar and readings, (esp. online articles) so in no way do I claim these ideas or concepts as my own.

Studio Killers - All Men Are Pigs
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Artist Nathan Pyle's gif guide to NYC street etiquette is handy for any city. Take it to the streets!